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    Payment Information


    Philosophy of Health™ is on a one pay period delayed schedule. Events worked from the 1st through the 15th are reimbursed on the 30th of the month. Events worked from the 16th through to the end of the month will be reimbursed on the 14th of the following month. If a pay day falls on a weekend or statutory holiday, payment will be processed the business day prior.

    Travel Policy


    Philosophy of Health™ does not provide reimbursement for drive time, travel time, mileage, tolls, parking fees, hotel accommodations or rental car costs unless pre-approved. Travel from your home to an event is considered a "regular commute" and is generally not compensated. As a trusted network provider, you are free to schedule events that are within proximity of your home, or at any distance that you feel comfortable traveling to as a part of your "regular commute". If you need to inquire about any expenses associated with an event, please feel free to contact scheduling@thephilosophyofhealth.com.

    Background Checks


    It is a requirement of Philosophy of Health™ that all employees submit information for a background check. If your information is not submitted, there may be a delay in processing payment. Please click on the link below to complete this process:


    Background Check Website:



    Authorized Code: to be provided during on-boarding

    Event Cancellation Policy


    To assure every trusted health provider has adequate time and opportunity to schedule an event, Philosophy of Health™ has a two-week cancellation policy in effect. If a cancellation is less than 2 weeks from the scheduled event, the health provider is required to call Philosophy of Health's Cancellation Line at 833-272-7336; extension 789 during regular business hours and unconfirm the shift AND email staffing@thephilosophyofhealth.com of the same. If after business hours, you must leave your name, telephone number on file, scheduled event date, time and location on the General Voicemail at 833-272-7336.


    Please note that all cancellations and emergencies are treated the same. No exceptions can be made in light of our 3-Strikes Cancellation Enforcement Policy:

    • cancelling an event within 2 weeks of its' scheduled date and time will result in a recorded infraction
    • if a third cancellation occurs within 2 weeks of a scheduled event, the network provider will be placed on "Administrative Hold" which involves immediate removal from all scheduled events and network.
    If you are scheduled for a shift and would like to switch to another, please email scheduling@thephilosophyofhealth.com for further instructions.



    1. What is the dress code for events?   Company Uniform is to be worn onsite at each event.  The uniform must be clean and worn in a professional manner with black closed toe shoes.
    2. Where can I purchase the company uniform?  Philosophy of Health uniforms and accessories are available online only, and must be purchased from our Uniform & Accessories Store.
    3. May I be added to additional teams including other positions, and out-of-state events?  Yes, you may request to be added to additional teams provided you understand, agree and adhere to Philosophy of Health's travel policy.  Please note, we attempt to staff events locally but at times there is a need for staff outside the area.  You would be responsible for any travel expenses that you incur unless specific expenses are pre-approved.  To be added to the Health Educator team, you must be a Registered Dietitian.  Please also note, it is at the discretion of the Talent Acquisition team to add you to other teams, and this may be denied.
    4. Am I considered a full-time or part-time employee?  As a trusted network provider, you are considered a part-time employee of Philosophy of Health.
    5. What do I do if I am unable to work an emailed or posted event in my area?  You are not required to work any event in your area, and there is no minimum or maximum required number of events you must work to remain in network.  You will be notified of events in your area by email and you can freely choose to schedule them at your discretion, and based on your availability. As a network provider, you will never be scheduled for an event without your prior knowledge.  We will soon be moving to an automatic employee pick-up schedule for scheduling events, allowing you even greater flexibility to create your perfect schedule.
    6. Where do I upload my certifications, credentials, ID, etc?  Upon receiving your login information for myPOH provider access, all applicable documents must be scanned legibly, saved in .pdf format and sent to HR@thephilosophyofhealth.com or faxed to 833-272-7336 with a cover letter indicating which attachments have been included in the email, or facsimile transmission.  You will not be granted access to myPOH or permitted to work an event until your applicable documents are received and on file.

    Additional Questions


    • for inquiries related to event staffing, please contact scheduling@thephilosophyofhealth.com 
    • for inquiries related to the flu clinic team, please contact flu@thephilosophyofhealth.com
    • for general inquiries, please contact HR@thephilosophyofhealth.com
    • to update your profile information including home and/or mailing address, email address, telephone number(s) or credentials, email HR@thephilosophyofhealth.com