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  • 7 unique features of our Biometric screenings

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    Customizable On-Site Screening

    Finger Stick or Venipuncture,

    Standard Tests: Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Triglycerides, Glucose, Body Composition (includes BMI, Waist Circumference, Body Fat Composition,

    Optional Tests: Cotinine (for Nicotine usage), HbA1c, PSA, and extended venipuncture panels.

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    On-Site Health Education

    Philosophy of Health has developed a spectrum of onsite health education programs and educational materials

    for targeted support of lifestyle modification and behavioral changes including:


    A brief review of screening results with a screener is included,

    Optional in-depth health coaching session with a Registered Dietician.


    Dietary Analysis from Evidence-Based Medicine,

    Lunch and Learn Programs,

    Health & Wellness Educational Seminars,

    Educational Support Materials,

    Tabletop Health Exhibits,

    Primary Health Prevention Programs.

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    Flexible Off-Site Screening

    Primary care physician (PCP) forms,

    Vouchers through Lab Corp,

    Home test kits (please inquire if available in your state)

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    Dedicated Program Management

    Each Philosophy of Health client works with a dedicated Program Manager whose role is to be the single point of contact, from start to finish. Our Program Managers not only supervise your account, they also offer advice based on industry best practices in order to build a custom, seamless, screening campaign that fits your employee population.

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    Superior Performance

    Philosophy of Health manages biometric screenings internally; that means no subcontractors.

    We handle everything from staffing, to program management, to logistics.

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    Expert Staff

    Our Health Professionals are employees, not contractors. They love working with Philosophy of Health and are incredibly passionate about what they do. They're also highly qualified with rigorous training customized for every client. At each and every event, a non-screening Clinic Lead is there to supervise staff, and a Registration Coordinator manages the check-in process for a seamless experience.

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    HIPAA Compliant

    End-to-End confidentiality. Privacy screens are included.


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